Havin is a company established in Tehran in 2014, which operates as Distributor and Master Franchisee of cosmetics, beauty and perfume brands in Iran.

We work with brand owners and a network of local retailers with common goals : build strong partnerships where everyone benefits.

We are a dynamic company with a passionate approach, a taste for challenge and, above all, we take care of the brands as if they were our own.




Thanks to a strong experience of more than 15 years, we benefit from a deep understanding of the Iranian market trends, an extent network of retail players and a perfect knowledge of the Iranian regulations.

We identify and adopt relevant strategies, making sure that the brands operate at their highest potentials.



Havin Tejarat Iranian INGLOT

Founded over 30 years ago, INGLOT Cosmetics is now one of the world’s leading cosmetics brand, with over 780 locations  around the globe and a presence at all major beauty happenings and fashion events. Makeup enthusiasts will enjoy an impressive variety of INGLOT products for Face, Body, Eyes, Lips and Nails with a range of over 1500 colours,  for any beauty.

Master Franchisee of INGLOT in Iran, HAVIN is currently  opening  several  INGLOT retail shops through the country.



Was designed to be universal. Therefore, it was only natural to christen Jeroboam fragrances with a word drawn from Esperanto, a language invented at the end of the 19th century with the intent of creating a universal tongue JEROBOAM. At the beginin, there was ORIGINO, a base composed of a cocktail of musks concentrated into a perfume extract and the genesis of a new olfactory universe and a new brand: perfume exctracts for urban nomads.


From NYC to Paris, Moscow or Sydney… Juliette intrigues the world. Armed with her perfume, the Shakespearean heroine goes wild. Life is too short, and pleasures too many, says Juliette. The Gun, metaphor for the perfume, weapon of seduction, or simple accessory of bluff, essentially symbolizes the liberation of women towards men. Sometimes with a taste of revenge. But the concept is also influenced by romantic. A modern vision, where reinventing couple and femininity is a constant quest.


Dearest, EVERYTHING I OWN SMELLS OF YOU. This project has been created will all my love : This is me, it’s my lovestory. Where something beyond and infinite. Becomes so small in your hands. You can hold me, use me, abandon me. Conceal me behind your dreams. Take me, carry me, wear me. To lay me down again. You will smell of me and I’ll belong to you. It’s you, your lovestory. Yours truly, madly, deeply. Marialux. The perfumes are inspired by love, the most complex, by far most important grandiose human emotion that never will materialize itself.

“I start making something but at certain point it starts making choices by itself. It is the process that interests and guides me. I like the feeling that I’m losing control and I’m not the one making the choices. My involvement is to create something that is alive. That will be able to say new things. I want my perfumes to have an intelligence of their own, not just be slave to my meaning.” The Nose.


The parts of the body that carry more smell are those where more soul is collected. The strong smells have become unpleasant to us, because the excess of soul is intolerable to the extent that our innate animalism is repressed and breaking from civilization. This project is my garden I have planted, fertilized, cultivated, and harvested. Orto Parisi states that our body is experienced like a garden, and its smells are a true mirror of our soul. The Nose, Alessandro Gualtieri.


The Finest Fragrances In The World. Created by British Master Perfumer Roja Dove, who is renowned for working only the finest quality materials, Roja Parfums is widely recognised as the world’s most luxurious fragrance house. Roja Dove is equally well know for his creative perfumery style, with American GQ referring to him as “the greatest nose in the world”, and the New York times considering him “a master tailor of scent”. When it comes to luxury fragrance, there is really nothing like Roja Parfums.


The Fragrances Are Presented In Binary Pairs. Each Pair Explores One Aroma-molecule In Two Different Ways.
1. Escentric The Escentric Fragrance Highlights The Unique Character Of The Aroma-molecule With Ingredients Chosen To Bring Out Its Key Facets.
2. Molecule The Molecule Fragrance Is Radically Minimalist. It Contains No Odorants Except The Aroma-molecule, Pure And Singular.
Geza Schoen