We act as distributor, as well as Franchisee, with our brands portfolio.

We establish adapted and relevant strategies, taking account of the specificities of the brands and we open to them the doors of the Iranian market within a selected network of  shops and retails.

With a long term vision collaboration, we are the right partner to develop and contribute to the succes of your brand in Iran.

Our products


Thanks to our experience in the cosmetics industry for more than 15 years, we are specialists of perfumes and beauty brands.

We focus on quality, identity and diversity, collaborating with both modern new concept brands and traditional heritage brands.

Our target


Based on a a strong knowledge of Iran, our analysis of the market enables us to identify the best opportunities.

​Our experience includes, amongst other things, a perfect comprehension of the economic and legal environment such as market trends.

We provide a wide range of expertise, from market data reports, competitive reviews, pricing, cultural adaptation recommendations to advices on logistics and compliance with applicable laws.


For each brand, we open points of sales and negotiate support, promotion and events to strengthen the retail experience.

We ensure that the brand performs at its highest potential. We advise local, cultural and lingual adaptations to maximize the visibility with the right audience. We operate training with the sales team, and plan in store activities such as sampling, visual displays or exclusive launches.

Working side by side with the sales teams and thanks to a tailored marketing support, we build a strong identity of your brands on the market and we make sure that the customer perception of the brands is unique, with the highest standard service.